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Elise S1

Lotus Elise S1
Every driving enthusiasts dream

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Why THIS, Elise S1?

Limited Production Numbers

Lotus produced around 12,000 Elise S1's, however, there were only ever 58 finished in Nautilus Blue Metallic making our S1 a cut above the rest.

Low Mileage & Original Condition

This Elise boasts just 6,500 miles from new. The aluminium bodywork and paint is in immaculate condition. This is vital to the MK1 Elise, as the aluminium tubs are expensive to repair and caused many to be written off.

Fits The 25 Year US Export Rule

Being a 1998 model year this car will be exempt from US emissions laws in 2023 making it eligible for import within the maximum investment term.

Detailed Maintenance Records

This car has a comprehensive, service history, including original sales brochure and all relevant maintenance books. It is a real time-warp piece and is a cherished example with only two previous keepers.



Past Performance

Series 1 Elise have seen an average price increase of 20%* year on year between 2018 and 2022 inclusive.


100 Fractional Shares

Invest in the ownership of this lightweight sports car funding at a value of £32,450 including all fees and divided into just 100 fractional ownership shares

Choose Your Shareholding

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Minimum investment of 1 share for £324.50 up to a maximum investment of £3,245 for a 10% shareholding

Concourse Example

Full Gallery (3).png

UK classic car specialist Hagerty value a concourse example of the 1998 Lotus Elise S1 at around £36,600

at current market value.


The best lightweight sports car ever, is finally coming of age

We are excited to bring to our platform this Immaculate Series 1 Elise

We have sourced an extremely low-mileage, two owner S1 Elise. Finished in Nautilus Blue Metallic it is just 1 of 58 cars finished in this colour.

This Elise has had just two owners from new it has been cherished and used sparingly throughout its life which is reflected in its condition and mileage.

This is a fantastic opportunity to invest in one of the greatest, lightweight sports cars ever made, and the car that saved a company, steeped in rich motorsport pedigree and one coveted by petrolheads.

Price (11).png

**data from classic-GT shows average growth in Elise S1 sales at 20% YoY between 2018 and 2022

ClassicGT (

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns

A case for


The Elise S1 is a pure, no nonsense drivers car...

Lotus has always been about building lightweight sportscars that offer the purist of driving pleasure. The Elise delivers on those principals offering a lightweight (730kg) bonded aluminium chassis, razor-sharp handling and the right balance of power to allow the Elise to tackle any corner with confidence.

It's hard to believe that the Lotus Elise has been with us for over 20 years now and looking back its still as beautiful to look at now as it has ever been and its core values haven't changed despite going through 3 variations.

Designer Julian Thomson and engineer Richard Rackham wanted to create a car with a 'motorcycle' feel and we think the Elise delivers on exactly that.

The 1.8 litre K-series engine delivers out 118bhp while that might not sound like much even back in the mid 90's remember, the entire car weighs half of your everyday modern hatchback and is enough to give the Elise a 0-62 time of 6.1 seconds.

In short the Elise does what Lotus has always prided itself on, stripping back the joy of driving to the bare essentials and focusing on the simplicity of driving...


Lotus Elise

Series 1

Nautillus Blue
118 BHP
Top Speed
126 MPH

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