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Ferrari 360


Ferrari enters the new millennium with copious amounts of Pininfarina curves

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'Being a RHD, manual car, its one of the rarest variants you can get...'

Why THIS, 360 Spider?

Building on Perfection

Following on from the huge success of the Ferrari F355 was no easy feat but Ferrari has improved upon what seemed perfection. The 360 looses none of the raw driving pleasures given by its predecessor. Except now the 360 is more curvaceous, streamlined and practical than its wedge-shaped ancestor

Low Mileage & Stunning Condition

This Ferrari 360 spider boasts just 19,500 miles in its 18 year life. It is also paired with the desirable gated-manual gearbox, finished in stunning Rosso Corsa accented by the challenge rear grille and paired with the Crema interior this is truly the ultimate Ferrari poster car of the early 00's

Desired by Collectors

The combination of Rosso Corsa and Crema interior on this 360 spider, is highly sought after by entuhusiats and collectors alike. Pair that together with it has the gated 6-speed manual transmission and stunning roof-down appeal it is a sought-after example of one of Ferraris finest supercars

Low Production Numbers

There were over 17,000 Ferrari 360s produced in its 6 year production run. Only 2.164 of these were built for the UK market and this example is one of just 478 manual  RHD 'spider'  examples produced. Lower are the numbers still of those finished in the quintessential Rosso Corsa/Crema combo



Past Performance

Ferrari 360 spiders have seen an average price increase of 9.0%* year on year between 2019 and 2023 inclusive.

*data from classic-GT shows average growth in UK Ferrari 360 spider sales at 9.0% YoY between 2019 and 2023

ClassicGT (

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns


250 Fractional Shares

Invest into the car that carried on Ferrari's success after the F355. Funding at a value of £83,000 including all fees and divided into just 250 fractional ownership shares

Choose Your Shareholding

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Minimum investment of 1 share for £332.00 up to a maximum investment of £8,300 for a 10% shareholding


2% (5 shares) - £1,660

6% (15 shares) = £4,980

Values Are Soaring

Full Gallery (4).png

With prices of it's predecessor now climbing to values of around £150,000 buyers and collectors are looking to its younger brother the 360. This has seen prices climb to over £100k* for some of the lowest mileage examples on the market currently

*Past performance is not a guarantee of future returns


A Tough Act To Follow

We are thrilled to bring to our platform Ferrari's replacement for its beloved F355. When the car was launched it was met with critical acclaim and instantly set a new benchmark for the term 'affordable supercar'.

This Spider example has covered a mere 19,500 from new and finished in the quintessential Rosso Corsa and Crema interior, a staple for any iconic Ferrari.


The Ferrari 360 always intended to have a drop-top counterpart and two years later the 360 spider was released boasting the same 400BHP 3.6 litre V8 engine showcased beneath a glass panel like a piece of priceless art.

This is a wonderful opportunity to invest into the car that continued on from Ferrari's huge success after the F355 and started Pininfarina's curvaceous design for future iconic Ferraris...

Wix Avg sale price graphs (1).png

A case for


New Millennium, Revolutionary Design

The 360 design was truly revolutionary. Gone are the wedge-shaped profiles, side strakes and pop-up headlights, in their place are beautiful curves, wider bodies and Perspex covered headlights with gaping intakes beneath them.

Ferrari made extensive use of lightweight materials to keep the weight down whilst also increasing its rigidity. Something that was previously disassociated with spiders from the late 80's and early 90's these ragtop sports cars were typically heavier, less rigid and not as dynamically engaging to drive than their fixed-roof siblings. The 360 spider was one of the first cars to change that.

Ferrari also paid particular attention to improving the parts you can't see. Aerodynamics were improved significantly thanks to knowledge gained through their Formula 1 programme. The 360 spider boasts a completely flat bottom with two prominent rear diffusers, long hours spent in the wind tunnel meant the spider only produced 10kg of downforce less than the Berlinetta.

The 360 spider is a jaw-dropping supercar and captures the raw driving spirit of its ancestors perfectly.

In Comparison

Every car we bring to platform goes through rigorous due-diligence from our team. 

We want to bring assets that are not only the rarest and most desirable but also have the best chance of potential future appreciation. That's why we have compared our 360 Spider against two others currently on the market to show how it stacks up.

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Ferrari 360

Rossa Corsa
400 BHP
Top Speed
180 MPH

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