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Ferrari F355


The last hand-built Ferrari, with a gated 6-speed manual at its heart

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Why THIS, F355?

A Purists

Whilst the F355 was the first model to be fitted with Ferrari's F1 inspired, Flappy paddle gearbox and there was also fewer 'F1' examples produced, the manual is sought-after by purists due to its raw driving engagement between driver and machine.

Low Mileage & Original Condition

This Ferrari F355 boasts just 26,000 miles in its 27 year life. It also features the desirable factory, carbon fibre sports seats and is presented in stunning original condition, a true credit to its previous owner. 

Fits The 25 Year US Export Rule

Being a 1995 model year car, the Ferrari F355 has just turned 25 years old and we have already seen values of F355s start to climb with some similar examples commanding up to a £150K premium.

Outstanding Maintenance Records

This car has been fastidiously maintained by both Ferrari main dealership and specialist garages for its entire life.

It has had no expense spared and its history can be seen through its stunning condition.



Past Performance

Ferrari F355s have seen an average price increase of 12.63%* year on year between 2018 and 2023 inclusive.


300 Fractional Shares

Invest in the ownership of Ferrari's only link between old and new driving experiences, funding at a value of £110,650 including all fees and divided into just 300 fractional ownership shares.

Choose Your Shareholding

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Minimum investment of 1 share for £368.00 up to a maximum investment of £11,400 for a 10% shareholding. 


1% (3 shares) - £1,104

5% (15 shares) = £5,520

Values Are Soaring

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Low-mileage, manual F355s such as this one, are commanding up to £150K premiums throughout the classifieds.  


Ferrari's Riposte To The 348

We are excited to bring to our platform this stunning Ferrari F355. Ferrari's answer to Honda's NSX which re-designed the 'everyday supercar' and addressed many of the downfalls that came with its predecessor, the 348. In short the 355 was a huge leap forward for Ferrari. It is seen by many as Ferrari's return to form after some rather brash machines through the 80's

We have sourced a very desirable, manual F355 finished in Rossa Corsa with Nero leather and Rosso carpets.

This Ferrari has covered just 26,000 miles from new and it has been maintained to the highest quality by Ferrari and specialist garages.

This is a wonderful opportunity to invest into the car that bridges the gap between Ferrari's classic driving heritage and modern technology which has helped shape the brand into what it is today...

Price (13).png

data from classic-GT shows average growth in global Ferrari F355 sales at 12.63% YoY between 2018 and 2023

ClassicGT (

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns

A case for


The F355 is an 'icon' truly worthy of the name...

Up until the F355, Ferrari had produced hand-built, pure driving cars. With the future technology of modern motoring looming on the horizon and manufactures being forced to change to meet emissions regulations the F355 is Ferrari's swan song to their classic driving heritage whilst also embracing modern technologies.


Purists still prefer the more engaging drive that is provided by the 6-speed gated transmission, it is these models that command around a 30% higher premium compared to its automatic counterparts.

The most notable advancement in Ferrari's embrace of modern technologies was the 'flappy paddle' gearbox. Dubbed the F1 due to it taking a lot of the same technology used in Ferrari's Formula one car. Now the discerning supercar owner could feel like Michael Schumacher behind the wheel.

This F355 features some rather expensive factory fitted options which helps add to the drama and presence that this car demands, such as the carbon fibre backed sports seats and Capristo sports exhaust.

It also features the desirable 2.7 motronic system which is rumoured to give sharper throttle response and slightly more power of the later 5.2 system introduced in later models.

The F355 truly deserves the title of 'iconic' and in our eyes blends the modern and classic eras of Ferrari seamlessly.

Ferrari F355


Rossa Corsa
380 BHP
Top Speed
183 MPH

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