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How It Works



To ensure you get the best, we source and handpick only the finest, most iconic cars from the UK's most prestigious car dealerships which we personally verify.  Everyone is picked based on its potential to appreciate and deliver great potential return on investment. 



A limited company is created for each individual car. Each company issues a number of fractional shares and once funded, the company owns the car outright - and the company is 100% owned by the shareholders.



TheCarCrowd take care of all storage, maintenance and insurance up to the maximum term of 5 years. The cost of this is included into the share price. All cars are accessible to investors 6 days a week in our Nottinghamshire storage centre.



Investors have an annual vote to keep or sell the vehicle up to a maximum of 5 years.


Any profits will be returned to investors in line with their shareholding.

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