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How It Works



To ensure you get the best, we source and handpick only the finest, most iconic cars from the UK's most prestigious car dealerships which we personally verify.  Everyone is picked based on its potential to appreciate and deliver great potential return on investment. 



A limited company is created for each individual car. Each company issues a number of fractional shares and once funded, the company owns the car outright - and the company is 100% owned by the shareholders.



TheCarCrowd take care of all storage, maintenance and insurance up to the maximum term of 5 years. The cost of this is included into the share price. All cars are accessible to investors 6 days a week in our Nottinghamshire storage centre.



Investors have an annual vote to keep or sell the vehicle up to a maximum of 5 years.


Any profits will be returned to investors in line with their shareholding.

We Got You Covered

What it means to invest with the CarCrowd


Our Regulation

TheCarCrowdAR is an appointed representative of Infinity Asset Manegement LLP who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. 

FSCS protected

FSCS Protected

Invested capital is protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) up until a car is fully funded via our partner, Goji Investments, who manage your individual investor wallet.   Once funded your investment is backed up by the underlying value of the asset. 

Peace of mind

Peace of mind

All cars are fully insured, stored and maintained by TheCarCrowd. In the unlikely event we cease trading, your investment would be included in a wind-down process.  In this case vehicles would be sold and TheCarCrowdAR would instruct Goji Investments would return all available funds to shareholders

full diversification

Full Diversification

Investing into classic cars with the CarCrowd not only allows your to diversify your portfolio into an alternative asset class, but you can also diversify within the class itself. Unlike a fund you can choose the cars you invest in, from super cars to rally-bred hatch backs.

immersive investment

Immersive Investment

We are not a faceless investment. Investing with the CarCrowd allows you to have full access to your assets at any time. Either by visiting our East Midlands based investor lounge or through our VR garage software coming in 2023.

specialist knowledge

Specialist Knowledge

We use a dedicated team of petrolheads with years of automotive knowledge to hand pick only the finest cars. We select our assets based on data driven criteria, following the 25 year 'export to America rule', nostalgia and motorsport pedigree which have previously proven to show potential for appreciation.

How To Invest



To start your investment journey with us you must first complete a short questionnaire and declare your investor type. You will then need to pass a KYC check and qualify as an investor.


Select Your Car

Select the type of car you want to invest into. We only pick the best cars on the market. All our cars are sourced from the most prestigious dealerships and private off-market collections through our network of contacts.


Buy Shares

You can buy 1 share up to a maximum of 10% shareholding in each asset. The asset will be valued at current market price after 2 years and shareholders will get voting rights on whether they want to sell or keep the car.


Realise Your Investment

The assets will either be sold at auction or through private sale. A single investor can also offer to buy out all the other investors if they wish to purchase the car. After the sale all profits will be distributed to investors based on their shareholding, minus The CarCrowd's fees.*

*Remember values can go down as well as up

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Please note we can only accept investment from Self Certified Sophisticated and High Net Worth Investors

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