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Megane R26.R

The blue collar version of the Porsche GT3 RS, the Megane R26R is a lightweight, extremely hot and very rare hatchback and sure to be a modern classic.


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The Megane Renaultsport 230 Renault F1 Team 11 R26, or the Renault Megane R26 as it was more commonly known - celebrating Fernando Alonso's success. The R26 was often considered as one of the hottest hatches upon its release.


The 2.0L turbocharged engine produces a respectable 227BHP. The limited-slip differential, new bump stops, uprated springs and dampers and anti-roll bars really made the Megane, what it should have been. And as 2008 hit, a new hot hatch took the lead.

The R26R.


When the R26R arrived, with a very reasonable £23k price tag, you couldn't do much better. Arguably, the R26R was at the forefront of escalating hatch records at Nürburgring.

The R26R was a revelation, a lighter R26 with considerably more agility, went onto record a lap faster time around the Green Hell than the Porsche Cayman S at just 8:17.


As with many previous Renaults, and their tendency to go to extremes for speed, the R26R did not disappoint.


The rear seats were replaced with a bolted red half-cage, rear windows replaced with plastic and the bonnet manufactured from carbon fibre. The seats were replaced with by fixed race seats and a five-point Sabelt harness. With over 100kgs stripped from the car in comparison to the standard R26.

Key Facts

In The Press

The hardcore Renault Megane R26.R

"It feels like more than just a stripped-out R26. it’s got a whole new character."

An all time great hot-hatch

"Renault Sport’s Mégane R26.R is still the hot hatch road racer benchmark 12 years on from its launch"

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