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996.1 GT3

Porsche GT3
One of the all-time greatest 911s

Why THIS, 996 GT3?

Limited Production Numbers

With only around 1,800 996 GT3 being produced they are a rare sight indeed.

In comparison the 991.2 GT3 had a run of 9,500 units.

Low Mileage & Original Condition

With the 996 GT3 being a track-focused car a lot are well used, this 996 has only 36,000 miles from new and 90% original paintwork, it has the matching Porsche factory sticker under the bonnet to show it's provenance.

Fits The 25 Year US Export Rule

Being a 1999 model year this car will be exempt from US emissions laws in 2024 making it eligible for import within the maximum investment term.

Detailed Maintenance Records

This car has a comprehensive, service history with Porsche main dealer and specialist garages. Uncommon in track focused GT3s.



Past Performance

996.1 GT3s have seen an average price increase of 11%* year on year between 2018 and 2022 inclusive.


250 Fractional Shares

Invest in the ownership of the car that saved Porsche funding at a value of £89,500.00 including all fees and divided into just 250 fractional ownership shares

Choose Your Shareholding

Untitled design (28).png

Minimum investment of 1 share for £358.00 up to a maximum investment of £8,950 for a 10% shareholding


Projected ROI

54%** projected ROI (return on investment) over the maximum 5 year based on growth of 11% per year - Please note that previous performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns. 


Purists are realising how good the 996 truly is...

We are excited to bring to our platform this Immaculate 996.1 GT3.

We have sourced a near-perfect example of one of the greatest driving cars Porsche has ever made.


This two owner from new car has all original panels and 90% of its original factory paint, hard to come by on these track-focused machines...

This GT3 is the rarest model produced with only 1,868 Worldwide units of the 996.1 model. The second generation received 2,313 worldwide units.


The production numbers of the GT3 line-up has increased with each generation. In comparison the 991.2 GT3 had a total of 9,500, that number is close to 15,000 if you include the RS models too, making the 996.1 not only the first GT3 generation but also the rarest...

Price (9).png

**data from shows average growth in 996 GT3 sales at 11% YoY between 2018 and 2022

ClassicGT (

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns

A case for

Investment Story


It may not be air-cooled, but the 996 is still a pure drivers car...

Intended primarily for competition in the GT3 cup series the 996.1 GT3 is a road-legal track car and can trace is motorsport ancestry back to the 911 Carrera RS of 1973.

The 3.6 litre engine named the 'Metzger' after its designer, whilst no longer air-cooled is still a mechanical masterpiece. The naturally aspirated six-cylinder engine screams its way to an 8,000 rpm and is happiest when at the redline.

The spartan interior really provides a sense that your in a fully-fledged race car.  Strapped in by six-point harnesses and cocooned in those leather Recaro shell seats surrounded by a red roll cage it all adds to the theatre of the GT3 name. The car is stripped of unnecessary weight such as sound deadening, rear seats and air-conditioning although this can be spec'd back in for more daily comforts which our car has.

The GT3 is lighter and sharper than its predecessor and many praise its chassis for being on the best handling platforms of not just 911s but of all time. 

We feel the 996 is a turning point for Porsche, it's a fond farewell to the air-cooled models of old and paved the way for a new direction for future 911s and the 996 is a fitting tribute to both... 


Porsche 911

996.1 GT3

Price (10).png
Arctic Silver
Top Speed
187 MPH
355 BHP

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