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ClassicGT, the ultimate classic and sports car database

Search, buy, own & sell classic & sports cars, easily - ClassicGT is building the world’s largest classic and sports car sold price searchable database.

ClassicGT logo with a red Ferrari 308 off to the side on a white bacground the ultimate classic and sports car database

Our curation team at TheCarCrowd relies on reliable, accurate data to identify and select the right assets to bring to the platform. ClassicGT’s price trend tool helps us to generate accurate valuations and create business cases for our investors so they know exactly where the market values lie.

Picture of a blank J curve graph on a white background
J-curve example

Because we also see a trend in prices spiking when cars reach 25 years old (as they can then be exported to the US or AUS) we also need to be able to see the market trends globally. Having this data readily available allows us to monitor what's known as the 'J curve' or ‘hockey stick curve’.

This is where we always aim to purchase any vehicle as we want our assets to appreciate in value whilst in investors possession. Partnering with ClassicGT unlocks our ability to make informed decisions based on global data to create strong investment cases and valuations.

ClassicGT has already accrued big data on over 105,000 genuine car sales, with 20 criteria per car tracked, that’s over 2.1 million data points in the database.

Data is gathered from over 120 sources of offline & online auctions that take place in the UK, Europe, USA, Middle-East & Australasia, and is taken from over the last 10 years of sales and beyond. The data is gathered constantly, following the posting of each auction’s results and is added to ClassicGT weekly.

The data is manually and meticulously cleaned into a uniquely structured, searchable format. (Note: Glenmarch has data from 76 sources, versus the 120 sources from ClassicGT. Plus ClassicGT holds global data, not limited to just UK or US sales)

Price Trends

The data powers price trends and accurate valuations, presented in easy-to-use charts on the ClassicGT website.

Ferrari Testarossa price trend - Past 10 years US

price trend curve graph with data points with dates ranging from 2012-2023
Ferrari Testarossa price trend graph

Price trends can be searched with sales either from the UK, USA or all global sales data aggregated, useful for those rarer globally desirable cars, e.g. Ferrari F40 or McLaren F1.

Users need to enter just Make, Model & Location to generate a price trend and can create their own free virtual garage of cars of interest, and easily monitor their values.

To search more specifically, users can select other criteria, like Variant, Derivative, RHD or LHD, and even narrow down specific Manufacturing Years (MY’s). The count of cars matching each criteria reduces accordingly to the number of cars of that exact match that have been sold.



Sources include all the major auctioneers selling multi-million pound concours cars, through to the smaller, hard to find local auction houses, that can throw up some amazing unexpected rarities, and everyman classics, for as little as a few hundred pounds.

ClassicGT also gathers the sold prices from the very latest online auction websites that are growing quickly in popularity. This breadth of source ensures the ClassicGT data is thorough and totally unbiased giving an accurate and unique insight.

Examples of sources: Silverstone Auctions, Bonhams, RM Sotheby’s, H&H Auctions, Artcurial, Coys, Anglia Car Auctions, Aguttes, Historics, SWVA, Barons, Oldtimer Galerie, CollectingCars, Cars&Bids (USA), Shannons (Australia), and many more.

Focus Makes

ClassicGT has 23 ‘focus makes’ which are the most searched car marques: AC, Alfa Romeo, Alpine, Aston Martin, BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Lancia, Land Rover, Lotus, McLaren, Classic Mini, Mercedes, MG, Morgan, Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Renault, Triumph.

Note: ClassicGT gather data on all sales of all makes, however they only clean and enter the focus makes data into the structured format currently. They will add further makes to the ‘focus make’ list in due course.

By focusing their efforts on the most searched car marques allows ClassicGT to create a strong genuine bank of data, by not spreading their resources too thinly. This is vital as TheCarCrowd model relies on accurate data to allow us to know exactly when to buy and sell our current and future assets. We are proud to use the valuation tools that ClassicGT provides as it forms part of the backbone of our operation in bringing you #carstoappreciate.

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