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Why This Lotus Elise S1?

The Lotus Elise S1 is a pure, no nonsense, drivers car and a symbol of Lotus principles of creating cars that focus purely on the joy of driving. Here's why we think it makes a great car for future appreciation.

'A lifesaver for Lotus'

The Lotus Elise came at the perfect time for the company and was quite frankly a lifesaver for Lotus.

First launched in 1996 the Elise was the child of designer Julian Thomson and engineer Richard Rackham. They wanted to create a car with a feel as close to a 'motorcycle' as possible and we think the Elise delivers on exactly that.

The aluminium bonded chassis means weight is super low, just 730kg, couple that with razor sharp handling and a peppy K-series engine with the right balance of power to weight and you've got a recipe for a proper drivers machine.

In its day, the Elise was a capable, mid-engined sports car for a relatively affordable price it. It delivered on a nice twisting B-road and could hold it's own on a track day. Since then the Elise has gone through three revisions but it's foundations remain the same, and transitioned on to other Lotus models for near enough 25 years, and while the Elise is now in its third generation the original remains arguably the best.

Why did we choose the Lotus Elise?

There have been a few cars that have proved you don't necessarily need big power to have fun, the MX-5 which was released a few years earlier proved just that. The Elise repackaged that idea into a slightly different configuration, it took the essence of the Mazda and distilled it into its purist form. It stripped back what Lotus deemed 'distractions' such as a radio and introduced lightweight materials to allow the driver to focus on what really matters, driving.

Lotus is a company steeped in rich motorsport history and one that is coveted by petrolheads giving it a huge cult following which makes these cars all the more desirable.

The Lotus Elise had a production run of around 12,000 Elise S1 but it is believed that only 58 came finished in the Nautilus Blue paint. It has also led a pampered life having only two owners from new and travelling just 6,500 miles from new. This Elise really does look, feel and drive like it rolled out of the Lotus factory back in 1998.

"it is believed that only 58 came finished in the Nautilus Blue paint"

Speaking of 1998, the Lotus Elise turns 25 years old next year. Meaning it will be eligible for

export to the US which could help the raise the value.

In short the Elise does what Lotus has always prided itself on, stripping back the joy of driving to the bare essentials and focusing on the simplicity of driving...

There's still time to get involved!

This Elise is still open for pre-registrations to 48 hour early access. Pre-registrations are open until midday on the 20th of December at which point only those that have signed up will be able to invest before it is made open to the public if any shares remain.

If you'd like to find out more about the car crowd check out our quick intro blog below or click the button to view our brand new website as well as all the details about this time-warp Series 1 Elise

Remember when investing your capital is at risk.

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