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Renault 5 GT Turbo

The forefather of modern hot hatches the Renault 5 GT Turbo is one of the original pocket rockets...


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The Renault 5, born in 1972 would become a real best seller, with the original sporty version being dubbed the Alpine turbo, before being succeeded by the Renault 5 turbo in 1980. This mid-engine, rear wheel drive monster with massive flared arches would allow rallying legends like Jean Ragnotti and Carlos Sainz to dominate the stages!


In 1984 the Renault 5 turbo maxi which was sold to homologate the Gr. B rally car. With group B rallying coming to an end the Maxi could reach over 400bhp before development was stopped for these monster machines.


1985 brought about the first phase of GT turbo, with 115 bhp from a 1.4 litre engine being forced along by its Garrett T2 turbocharger and weighing only 860kg the GT turbo was created and the rallying legend, reborn.

The following year Renault introduced a water-cooled turbo charger and in 1988 the phase 2 GT turbo was released.


This came with a few major improvements such as 120bhp due to improved carburettors, star shaped alloy wheels a new ignition model which gave the little Renault 500 extra RPM, modified suspension struts with a host of other improvements too.


The model continued to be produced until 1991 when it was replaced by the Renault Clio 16 valve. With only 312 Renault 5 turbos left in the UK and its strong ties to rallying history we think this will make a great investment car for future appreciation.

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In The Press

30 years, really?

"Many traces of this legendary car have been handed down to the sports models Renault makes today."

Driving the classics

"Renault’s one-time automotive ASBO has matured into an appreciating asset, but it’s been a long road to respectability."

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