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A Foreword From
Our Founder

Ferrari Testarossa TheCarCrowd

"Ever since I can remember I have been passionate about cars.  From watching Rally Cross at 4 years old to building mini's with my dad through my teenage years, I have always been around cars.

Although cars and Motorsport have been a passion of mine, my career has been firmly based in financial services and consultancy, most recently as the managing director of a UK Fintech business lending company, Liberis.


As my family grew and priorities changed the dream of owning my own classic car collection started to look a long way off.  Combined with seeing the cars I loved as kid appreciate out of reach I thought owning one would remain just a dream. 

I've always had lots of friends that are also into cars and every time we get together the conversation quickly turns to picking out the next big thing in the world of classic cars. 


We discussed trying to find a way to join together to buy a car.  Getting a group together to buy an investment car, store it, insure it together and share the costs and well as the future benefits.  The concept of TheCarCrowd was born.


I thought that even if I own a small percent, with the rapid appreciation of some of the cars out there the potential returns could be very attractive.

I formed TheCarCrowd in 2019 with a vision to democratize the strongest performing investment classes and allow passionate people a way of joining together to own and benefit from the assets they love."


David Spickett, Co-Founder & CEO

Classic Car Potential

17% (5).png

According to the Knight Franks Index classic cars have appreciated 185% in the last decade, making it one of the best performing asset classes.

'Classic cars in general, gain more in value then any other type of collectibles' - Investopedia

David Spickett

CEO & Co-Founder

David is the complete petrol head, helping his dad build a Westfield at just 14, he has been buying, building, and selling cars ever since.

He has also built a successful career in senior technology management working with Mckinsey, Capgemini and Unipart. More recently he led and grew a successful global finance business.

David has combined his passion for cars, with his years of experience in finance and asset management to create the CarCrowd. He and his team are on a mission to bring people closer to the cars of their dreams.

David Spickett founder of thecarcrowd
Sireesh nallanthighal CTO and co-founder of thecarcrowd


CTO & Co-Founder

Sireesh's passion for cars started at an early age. His parents reminisce now of the hours spent taking him as a toddler to the bridge over the dual carriageway near home to watch the cars go by. This passion remains today which is reflected by the belief he showed for the CarCrowd.


Being one of the first investors in the business and a shareholder of the first ever car and now as a Co-founder and CTO he is fully committed to our vision! Sireesh spent 16 years in retail working in Aldi, across operations and IT including leading a digital transformation across the UK and Irish businesses. He shares the teams vision of bringing everyone closer to the cars they love!

Triumph tr7 Race car

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