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Performance car ownership is challenging

But it doesn't have to be...

Owning and running a high-performance car can be expensive. Not only the capital required to purchase the car, but for ongoing bills to transport, run, insure and maintain them too. This leads to a market that is largely inaccessible, especially for those childhood poster cars and hand-crafted machines that leave us in awe...



Large amount of capital required to purchase, store, insure and maintain the car especially in more prestigious marques or high-performance cars. This forces compromise leading to a lack-lustre experience



Joining together with no legal construct can lead to uncertainty and lack of flexibility. Plus bespoke agreements can be expensive running into tens of thousands for fully formed shared agreements



Driving clubs or rental gives a taste of the experience but once its over there is no tangible asset. Sharing the actual ownership of the car allows the owners to benefit from sale proceeds and reduce overall costs

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All of the experience, none of the hassle.

Take the
inside line

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We enable petrolheads to join together to own their dream car by sharing the cost of purchase, storage and maintenance. This can be achieved with a group of friends or other like-mined people, to help unlock a previously inaccessible category of high-end luxury vehicles.

Each individual can co-own a share in more than one car, giving them access to a diverse collection, whilst spreading the risk and increase annual usage.


We take the hassle out of everything, by setting everything up using our digital platform. This includes a full legal construct controlling ownership, usage, storage, insurance and everything else needed to give every owner complete piece of mind.


"CarCrowd Drive , is a new product that seeks to remove some of the barriers to owning and running an iconic car. We want to make owning these iconic cars a real community affair!"

- CEO David Spickett

How it works


Simple one off fee for set up of the structure and then a flexible membership fee to cover any additional services required, such as storage, insurance, maintenance and administration.  Plus ownership stakes can be purchased by a limited company and carry no capital gains tax on any returns after sale. 


Legal & Secure

Our model allows individuals the ability to come together to own these iconic cars, backed up with real legal documentation. Complete with links to insurance providers, supercar clubs and finance providers we can help at every stage of the buying journey



Make ownership more inclusive with higher attendance at events and gain access to more premium cars. We also offer premium storage and transport facilities to help you get the most out of your shared asset



As we use a syndicate model which allows for the configuration of key information about how the car is used, sorted and maintained. We can also arrange for transfer of a stake should an individual want to sell their ownership, offering liquidity for owners

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Are you ready to get behind the wheel of your dream car with a group of friends, or are you wanting to find like-minded petrolheads to experience the thrill of driving? Register below!

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