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The Shortlist

The following cars are a shortlist generated by TheCarCrowd of assets we look to secure in the near future. These cars have been selected by our curation team and is a constantly growing list from our weekly curation meetings. 
You can pre-register your interest in any or all of these cars below and you will be the very first to know when one is coming to the platform

Audi R8


Audi's venerable sportscar. One of the most tactile, driver-focused Audis ever made. A product of the Audi Le Mans concept back in 2003, its a real-life concept car...

Mini Cooper


A real special hot-hatch. Pieced together by Italian coachbuilder Bertone, only 2000 Mini GP1 example were produced. Only 450 came to the UK. It is a track-focused machine built on speed and precision...


Porsche 996

Turbo S

Fitted with bigger turbo chargers than the standard 996 turbo the S variant boasts 450bhp. With four-wheel drive and a top speed of 190mph the Turbo S was treading in supercar territory. It is truly the stuff of legend...



With a straight-six motor pulled from the BMW M3, dropped into the heart of a Z3, with a stiffened chassis and a tin-top it filled a void in BMW's line up we didn't know was missing. A recipe never to be repeated by BMW...


Renault Clio

182 Trophy

RenaultSport have given us some fantastic hot-hatches over the years, but the 182 Trophy has to be one of the finest cars to leave Dieppe. There's a reason why this car appears on many of the world's 'Greatest Hot Hatches' lists...


Focus RS

The latest 'Fast Ford' to wear the Rallye Sport badging since the end of the Escort Cosworth. Ford's foray into hot hatches began with the original Focus RS...

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