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Ford Fiesta


Ford's third iteration of its highly desired hot-hatch and the last Fiesta to adorn the XR2 badge...

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This car has a warm place in almost every households heart, it's a nostalgic dream...

Why THIS, Fiesta XR2i

A True
Hot Hatch

Following on from the previous XR2 the MK3 Fiesta now had modern fuel injection and in true XR2 fashion equipped with deeper, colour coded bumpers, headlights and alloys to match the power hike from the punchy 1600cc engine.  The XR2i Definitely looks the part of hot hatch hero

Low Mileage & Stunning Condition

This Ford Fiesta XR2i has travelled a restrained 21,453 miles since 1989 and its eye-catching Radiant Red paintwork is still rich and full of vibrancy. Identified by its iconic blue piped bumpers and quad fog lights. This is a car that will surely strike up fond childhood memories

The Blue Oval Appeal

Ford's 'blue oval' is a badge that is coveted by petrolheads. Collectors desire any performance Ford due to their nostalgic appeal, this has seen most Fast Fords rise in value over recent years, models such as the Escort and Sierra Cosworths are both strong examples of this trend with prices now reaching six figures!

Fiesta Production
Ceasing This Year

Ford recently announced that it will be axing the Fiesta range in Q3/4 of 2023. We feel this news and media articles will peak further interest from collectors as they look to source the best examples of the Fiesta for their collections. Due to its ever increasing rarity this is a great recipe for potential future appreciation



Past Performance

Ford Fiesta XR2is have seen an average price increase of 6%* year on year between 2018 and 2023 inclusive


100 Fractional Shares

Invest into this nostalgic Fast Ford Funding at a value of £18,560 including all fees and divided into just 100 fractional ownership shares

Choose Your Shareholding

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Minimum investment of 1 share for £185.60 up to a maximum investment of £1,856 for a 10% shareholding


2% (2 shares) - £371.20

5% (5 shares) = £928.00

Values Are Soaring

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These humble hot hatches are highly desired because of their nostalgic appeal. This is especially noticeable with Fast Fords as they were desired by youngsters in their day. Those youths are now grown up and able to afford the cars they so desired when they were younger


The Heyday of the
Hot Hatch

Ford has always had a certain way of turning humble family run-arounds into hot-hatch heroes. The Escort, Capri, Sierra, and Fiesta have all been uplifted from mundane grocery-getters to blue-collar heroes that offered the kind of performance of cars with a much higher price tag.

We are excited to bring to the platform one such car, the Fiesta XR2i. This example has covered just 21,453 miles since its birth in 1989. The Radiant Red paintwork remains vibrant (red is notorious for fading and losing its lustre) and is also fitted with the optional Recaro seats.

This is an exciting opportunity to invest in a cherished and rare Fast Ford with there being only 139 remaining on UK roads and one that resonates with feelings of nostalgia.

Wix Avg sale price graphs (4).png

*data from Glenmarch shows average growth in Ford Fiesta XR2i sales at 6% YoY between 2018 and 2023

Glenmarch (

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns



A case for

A Blue Collar Hero​

After Ford's huge success with the MK1 and MK2 XR2 Fiestas, they quickly realised that they couldn't simply alter the body panels and re-use the same parts again as they had done previously in its next generation of hot hatch. No this time they decided to head into the 90's with a completely revamped car that would keep them as the market leader in small hatchbacks.

The Fiesta marque also turns 50 in 2026 and with the recent news of Ford discontinuing the Fiesta line-up attention will be drawn to all generations of the Fiesta and subsequently making them more desirable as they become increasingly more scarce.

Much like the classic Minis, almost everyone has a Ford Fiesta story. Whether your parents had one when you were a kid, or you learned to drive in one or perhaps your first car was a Ford Fiesta. There is no denying that the Fiesta name conjures up a strong sense of nostalgia. Couple that with its increasing rarity and low mileage, and you have a recipe for a car with strong potential for future appreciation...


Ford Fiesta

Radiant Red
105 BHP
Top Speed
110 MPH

You're In 

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