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Mini Cooper Sport 500

#143 of the last 500 ever made...

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Why THIS, Sport 500?

Revolutionary Car

Despite its design remaining unchanged for more than 40 years, the classic Mini Cooper is a landmark in automotive design; much like the Ford Model T and original VW Beetle before it. The Mini cooper truly sparked the start of the small car revolution

Low Mileage & Stunning Condition

As one of the last 500 Cooper Sports made, this car has been well cared for and preserved to the highest standard. Fully original and covering a mere 35,700 miles, this car is a time-warp example of Britain's most popular automobile

Run Model

After production of the 'Classic' Mini range, Rover built a final 500 Cooper Sports. Each one adorned with a plaque stating it had been built to the original Sir Alec Issigonis design - a fitting send off to 41 years of Mini motoring

An Enduring

Voted the second most influential car of the 20th century  (behind the Ford Model T), it was awarded just a year before the last Mini rolled off the production line. A fitting farewell to a car that touched every corner of the globe




Mini Cooper Sport 500s have seen an average price increase of 24%* year on year between 2018 and 2023 inclusive.

*data from classic-GT shows average growth in UK Mini Sport 500 sales at 24% YoY between 2018 and 2023

ClassicGT (

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns


Fractional Shares

Invest into a one of the final ever 500 Mini Cooper Sports and built to the original Sir Alec Issigonis design. Funding at a value of £25,350 including all fees and divided into just 130 fractional shares

Your Shareholding

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Minimum investment of 1 share for £195.00 up to a maximum investment of £2535.00  for a 10% shareholding

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The Mini has massive nostalgic appeal having graced our roads for over 40 years and remaining largely unchanged in that time. The shapes and curves of this iconic car have cemented itself as a symbol of British motoring, making it highly desirable by collectors and enthusiasts that love and owned these cars in their youth


The Final Chapter

Perhaps the most illustrious car to be built and designed solely in Great Britain, it is an instantly recognised piece of motoring history. Produced from 1959-2000, the car remained largely unchanged for 41 years; a testament to Sir Alec Issigonis's original design.

Asked by the head of the Morris company to create a fuel-efficient car, capable of carrying four people and able to fit into a box no bigger than 10ft x4ft, was the challenge from which the Mini legacy was born.

The Mini's small stature wasn't the only revolutionary thing it brought to the automotive world; its space-saving, transverse engine and front wheel drive arrangement allowed 80% of its floorplan to be used for passengers and luggage space. This was a concept that influenced generations of car manufacturers and changed the 'typical' motorcar forever. 

Wix Avg sale price graphs (18).png

*data from classic-GT shows average growth in UK Mini Sport 500 sales at 24% YoY between 2018 and 2023

ClassicGT (

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns


A case for


The Final 500​

Limited strictly to just 500 final units, this Mini is the 143rd Mini to be built and has accompanying paperwork to show its provenance.  The 500 is finished to the highest specification including 13inch Minilite-style wheels, rally spot lamps adorning the front grille and flared wheel arches. The interior also received some further refinements, with chrome bezel gauges and full nickel-silver and black leather interior completing the iconic look.

Covering just 35,000 miles from new, the car is presented in a true time-warp condition. Finished in Anthracite, it was one of four colours available on the Sport 500 and is also the rarest option of the bunch. Just 108 received this paint finish, accented by platinum silver stripes and roof.

The Cooper Sport offers the ultimate Mini experience. A head turning car and one that has had a significant impact on the automotive industry. Plus, being one of the final 500, this car shows great indicators of demand and therefore future appreciation...

Sport 500

Mini Cooper

64 BHP
Top Speed
105 MPH

You're In 

Good Hands


You Own a
Fractional Share(s)


You Can Visit
The Car


You Could Get
Real Returns


Your Investment Is
Asset Backed


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