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Mini Cooper

Sport 2000

A swan song to the great British icon

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Why THIS, Sport 2000?

Revolutionary Car

Despite its design remaining unchanged for more than 40 years, the classic Mini Cooper is a landmark in automotive design, much like the Ford Model T and original VW Beetle before it. The Mini cooper truly sparked the start of the small car revolution

Low Mileage & Stunning Condition

This Mini Cooper Sport 2000 has led a cherished life. Having just one owner from new it has been dry-stored and used sparingly by an enthusiast of the marque. Covering just 25,000 miles in over 20 years this mini presents in stunning original condition 

Run Model

One of the last Minis to leave the factory. Production ran from March to October 2000. The sport 2000 edition was limited to just 2,200 units with only 1000 of these being RHD

The Icon

The Mini Sport 2000 is a swansong to the classic Mini we know and love. Taking all the best parts of the icon and giving it some modern flair this is the pinnacle example of the Mini line-up




Mini Cooper Sport 2000s have seen an average price increase of 17%* year on year between 2018 and 2022 inclusive.

*data from classic-GT shows average growth in UK Mini Sport 2000 sales at 17% YoY between 2018 and 2023

ClassicGT (

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns


Fractional Shares

Invest into a symbol of British motoring and one of the best-selling British cars ever. Funding at a value of £21,240 including all fees and divided into just 120 fractional shares

Your Shareholding

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Minimum investment of 1 share for £177.00 up to a maximum investment of £2,124 for a 10% shareholding

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The Mini has massive nostalgic appeal. Gracing our roads for over 40 years and remaining largely unchanged in that time the shapes and curves of this iconic car have cemented itself as a symbol of British motoring making it highly desirable by collectors and enthusiasts that love and owned these cars in their youth

Mini Wix header.png

Motorsport Acclaim

With the more powerful version of the Mini introduced in 1961 it famously defeated the V8 Ford Falcons in the Monte-Carlo Rally, making it known that this small car was a force to be reckoned with.

The Classic Mini earned its stripes by dominating the Monte-Carlo Rallies, winning in 1964, '65 and '67. Mini Coopers also dominated the podium placing in 1966 but were subsequently disqualified after a controversial decision from the French Judges.


The disqualification stemmed from an 'illegal' use of a certain headlight circuit. Although the winning car, a Citroen DS used illegal white headlamps but evaded disqualification. The driver of the DS Pauli Toivonen, reluctantly accepted the win but vowed he would never race for Citroen again.


The stunt gained the Mini more publicity than it perhaps would have if it secured the podium but had it secured victory it would have been the only car in history to be placed amongst the winners for six consecutive years.

Wix Avg sale price graphs (15).png

*data from classic-GT shows average growth in UK Mini Sport 2000 sales at 17% YoY between 2018 and 2023

ClassicGT (

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns


A case for


Re-Imagining an Icon

Much like the classic film, 'The Italian Job' was re-imagined in 2003 the Mini Cooper received one 'last hurrah' in 1996 essentially taking all the best bits that made the Mini what it was, and enhancing it with modern-day comforts and reliability, the ultimate Mini Cooper Sport.


A swansong for the icon a slew of safety improvements were made, such as a drivers side airbag, seatbelt pre-tensioners and an immobiliser as well as a sophisticated electronic ignition system. At the top of this revitalising range was the Mini Cooper Sport. With a host of aesthetic upgrades inside and out it served as a fitting tribute to one of the most loved British cars of all time.

With the Legend John Cooper also fascinated by the arrival of the Mini, he saw great potential in the car and set about making it into a champion racer. His name still adorns modern Minis today nearly 60 years later and symbolises the pinnacle of performance.


The Sport 2000 encompasses that motorsport pedigree with wide wheel arches, 13 inch sport wheels, fuel injection and spot lamps hanging proudly from the front grille the Sport 2000 represents the final evolution of the marque and is a fitting homage to the brand and its motorsport pedigree.

Sport 2000

Mini Cooper

Solar Red
64 BHP
Top Speed
105 MPH

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