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Completed Assets

*Estimated valuation based on a directors assessment. The assessment is based on data from, and values from sold and for sale vehicles within the UK. We use a data led approach to calculate comparative values. Any percentage valuation change reflects the estimated valuation versus the original share price.


F355 Berlinetta

The F355 is the only Ferrari that links its motoring heritage with modern technology. A seamless blend of old and new, it helped shape Ferrari into what it is today..

Est. Value - £110,400
Est. Valuation 

Lotus Elise
Series 1

Every driving enthusiasts dream. The Lotus Elise is one of the ultimate examples of lightweight sports cars and the series 1 Elise is arguably the greatest...

Est. Value - £32,450
Est. Valuation 


996.1 GT3

One of the all-time greatest 911s ever. It may not be air-cooled but the 996 GT3 is a pure drivers car nonetheless...

Est. Value - £89,500
Est. Valuation 

Escort RS Cosworth

This homologation special created as Ford's next entry into the Rally Championships, this is truly a rally car for the road...

Est. Value - £69,000
Est. Valuation 

Jaguar E-Type

Enzo Ferrari called this one of the most beautiful cars in the world. It's hard to disagree as the E-Type is beautiful from every angle...

Est. Value - £134,625
Est. Valuation 

The following assets were arranged by The CarCrowd Limited, a sister company of The CarCrowd AR Limited


Clio V6

The Renault Clio V6 is one of the craziest Renaults ever produced. Removing the rear seats of a daily ‘run around’ and replacing them with a whopping V6 engine is not a usual recipe for any manufacturer...


Est. Value - £38,000*
Est. Valuation + 26%*
Testarossa (31 of 49).JPG


An Iconic shape, 1,800 miles from new and Classiche Certification from Ferrari's 'Department of excellence'. This has everything a Ferrari collector dreams of...

Est. Value - £221,430
Est. Valuation

Sierra RS Cosworth

The legendary blue oval, complete with a punchy, turbo-charged engine and an iconic whale tail spoiler. The RS Cosworth cannot be overlooked...

Est. Value - £68,000*
Est. Valuation + 15%*

Renault Megane

The blue collar version of the Porsche GT3 RS, the Megane R26R is a lightweight, extremely hot and very rare hatchback and sure to be a modern classic...

Est. Value - £36,256*
Est. Valuation + 17.6%*

Renault 5

GT Turbo

The forefather of modern hot hatches the Renault 5 GT Turbo is one of the original pocket rockets...

Est. Value - £24,987*
Est. Valuation + 4.1%*

Peugeot 205


Our first car on The CarCrowd platform to be funded, this 80's hot hatch has seen strong demand in recent years...

Est. Value - £22,582*
Est. Valuation + 13.8%*

Mini Cooper S


The supercharged hot-hatch, with some choice upgrades from John Cooper Works was the first car to be released by BMW under the Mini name...

Est. Value - £9,500*
Est. Valuation + 5.5%*


Nova SR

The car every boy-racer wanted in the 80's and 90's.These cars are becoming increasingly hard to find, especially in the condition and mileage such as this one...

Est. Value - £13,520
Est. Valuation
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