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OneOffs - Audi TT Bimoto

This 1000BHP TT will make you rethink the term 'hairdresser car'

Germany is in abundance of tuners that will add some extra spice to your standard road cars, AMG, Brabus and ABT come to mind. But perhaps less well known company MTM wanted to shake things up and back in the early 2000's they did just that...

More 'Mohawk' than 'Perm'

The base for this mental machine, wasn't anything particularly special, an Audi TT it was quickly dubbed a 'hairdressers car' thanks to Jeremy Clarkson when he tested it back on Top Gear TV. This TT has received some 'minor' upgrades. Noticeably is the huge roof scoop and intake vents on the rear quarters and if you look through the windows hard enough you might just be able to make out the six-point race harnesses on the front seats.

Now, clued up petrolheads will be able to put two and two together and realise that there's only one reason you want lots of air into the back of the car. (And no, it's not so you can feel the wind through your hair without having the roof down). It's because there is a 370BHP 4 cylinder turbo charged engine fitted where the rear seats should be.

Why move the engine to the back you might say? Well the engine hasn't been 'moved' because MTM have added this engine to the rear. So that's two 4 cylinder turbo engines producing 370BHP each for a whopping 740BHP a number reserved for only the most prestigious supercars at the time.

Two of everything important

The Bimoto's twin engines see this particular TT from 0-62mph in 3.7 seconds but MTM claim the engines can be pushed to 501Bhp each tipping it over the 1000Bhp benchmark. Each engine has its own gearbox and are operated in-sync, so there will be no hilarious moments of the front of the car pulling away from the rear.

The dashboard is fitted with two starter buttons, a quirky feature, but more importantly serves as a reminder for the driver that there is a second 370bhp beast to unleash. With this sort of power under your right foot the magic 0-300kp/h number comes into play, a fraction under 20 seconds if you were wondering and it topped out at 230Mph at the Nardo test track.

"MTM claim the engines can be pushed to 501Bhp each tipping it over the 1000Bhp benchmark."

So where is it now?

Unfortunately the MTM TT went off the radar in recent times, with the cost of the project floating around the half a million dollar mark it may sound ludicrous. But considering the amount of research and development that would have gone into such a complex pursuit of speed and performance its justified.

It is rumoured that MTM planned to put 10 of these cars into production but it is unknown if any of these were ever sold to the public.

We hope that the brand makes a resurgence in the future into dual engined, high-speed monstrous machines, but until then this Audi TT will hold a special place in our hearts...

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