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Sierra RS Cosworth

The legendary blue oval, complete with a punchy, turbo-charged engine and an iconic whale tail spoiler. The RS Cosworth cannot be overlooked.


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Ford have a strong history of turning workman like saloons into desirable, race and rally winning machines. With over 20 years of producing iconic cars like the Escort Mexico, Lotus Cortina and RS200, Ford had set themselves a high bar by the mid-80s.


So could they rise to the challenge and produce more cars with serious motorsport pedigree? Enter the Sierra Cosworth. In 1985, Ford created a car which is arguably the most iconic fast Ford ever, once again upping the game.


The Cosworth wasn’t subtle but it was more than just a wild-looking road car - it was a car designed and built to win races.

The 1980s Group A regulations required that 5000 units are built to homologate a car and allow it to compete.


So in the tradition it had set with the Lotus Cortina and RS Escorts, Ford took its then, un-loved Sierra, and made it suitable for competition.


The Sierra Cosworth went on to live up to its 'Show and Go' reputation with championship wins in rallying, saloon racing and touring cars through the 80s and 90s. By the late 90s the Sierra Cosworth had more than earned its cult status and remains the 'one to have' for all fast ford enthusiasts

Key Facts

In The Press

Why a Ford Sierra is the world’s best classic car investment

"Buy in before the Eighties special shoots up in price"

Cosworth sells for over £70k at auction

"For many among the army of fast Ford enthusiasts the Sierra Cosworth remains the holy grail"

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