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Ferrari 550


Ferrari's re-imagination of the legendary Daytona. Proving that the front engined V12 performance could keep up with Ferrari's classic mid-engined sports cars...

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The CarCrowd continues to curate a stunning collection of Jodie's favourite cars. 

We are proud to bring you this stunning Ferrari 550 Maranello with a strong investment case and a car that has a very close, personal connection to Jodie, it will be the second car in the 'Kidd Collection'...

"It really holds a big part of my heart. It was the first Ferrari I ever bought..."

Why THIS, Ferrari 550M

Export To

The Ferrari 550 Maranello, has seen an increase of 32% according to data from ClassicGT  since they became eligible for export in 2022. This particular example will also be eligible for the 25-year export rule in October 2023 making it highly sought-after

Low Mileage & Stunning Condition

Boasting just 37,625 miles from new, this Ferrari looks and drives like it just rolled out of the factory in Maranello. The stunning Rosso Corsa exterior laid over the Nero leather interior are both in immaculate condition 

Limited UK Models Remaining

There are around 191 UK-supplied RHD 550 Maranello models left on our roads. Increasing the demand for these sought-after grand tourers

Last Of The
Big V12s

With the V12 engine being phased out of production there is increasing demand for these big-engined sports cars. Purists prefer the 'analogue' feel of these modern classics and pine after that 'old-school' experience



Past Performance

Ferrari 550 Maranello's have seen an average price increase of 12.7%* year on year between 2018 and 2022 inclusive.

According to data taken from ClassicGT


300 Fractional Shares

Invest into one of the last, old-school Ferraris funding at a value of £99,900 including all fees and divided into just 300 fractional ownership shares

Choose Your Shareholding

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Minimum investment of 1 share for £333.00 up to a maximum investment of £9,900 for a 10% shareholding


2% (6 shares) - £1998

5% (15 shares) = £4995

Values Are Soaring

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With only a small percentage of RHD, manual Ferrari 550's being produced there is a strong demand for these cars especially in the Australian market. Prices of Ferrari 550's are increasing due to this demand reaching as high as $299K for examples such as this one*

*past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns


The last of the old-school, front-engined Ferraris

As the replacement for the mid-engined 512, Ferrari decided that its new flagship should return to a more traditional front-engined layout and its flat-12 engine to be replaced with a 'V' configuration adorning the same amount of cylinders it changed the exhaust note into a beautiful, potent sound, one of the greatest Ferrari had ever produced.

With a 0-60 time of 4.4 seconds and a top speed of 199mph what Ferrari had created was a comfortable and practical, two seater Grand Tourer with plentiful luggage capacity but performance close to that of the 'bare-bones racer' Ferrari F40 of a decade previous.

We are delighted to present this Ferrari 550 Maranello as the second car to join the 'Kidd Collection'. being one that is so close to Jodie's heart. This is a wonderful opportunity to preserve this exquisite Grand Tourer, a combination of a 5.5 litre, naturally aspirated V12 engine, mated to a gated six-speed transmission its everything purists love in a Ferrari and a recipe unlikely to be repeated ever again...

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*data from ClassicGT shows average growth in Ferrari 550 Maranello sales at 12.7% YoY between 2018 and 2023 inclusive

Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future returns



A case for

A truly refined driving machine...

Another beautifully designed machine from the pen of Pininfarina, its lines closely resemble that of its 2+2 stable mate, the 456 GT. However, there are also hints of classic Ferrari models like the twin exhaust air slots akin to that of the 250 GTO whilst the tail lights were reminiscent of the fabled 365 Daytona.

The car made its debut at a major Ferrari gathering at the Nürburgring in July 1996 the then current Formula One drivers Michael Schumacher and Eddie Irvine put it through its paces on track and were impressed with the way it handled like a light-weight sports car and how naturally it felt to balance the oversteer with the throttle.

Schumacher also helped develop the engine in the 550, its name deriving from it 5.5 litre V12 engine and of course its hometown.

in 1998 the 550 broke the world speed record for production road cars, covering 100Kms at an average speed of 304.1 Kph it was also lauded by British magazine 'Autocar' as being 'Britain's best driving car' in 1998 and in the following year gave praised it as 'continuing to be the best GT car on the block'


Ferrari 550

Rosso Corsa
480 BHP
Top Speed
199 MPH

You're In 

Good Hands


You Own a
Fractional Share(s)


You Can Visit
The Car


You Could Get
Real Returns


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