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Who are the CarCrowd?

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

The CarCrowd are disrupting the investment market...

We are the UK's first fractional investment platform dedicated to passion assets.

We want to bring a new way for people to invest into the thing they love, starting with classic and modern cars.

We are on a mission to bring people closer to the cars of their dreams, whilst also having the opportunity to benefit from any future appreciation...

How It Works - In a Nutshell

Here's a quick run-down of how our business works, but you can find more details on our website or by requesting our free interactive investment guide!

Source - The CarCrowd selects, sources and verifies some of the worlds most iconic cars from the UK's finest dealerships and network of off-market collections.

Share - Each car is fractionalised into a number of shares (this varies between each asset) once the shares are all sold the company buys the asset outright and is effectively owned by all the shareholders.

Select - Every car is listed on our website with a detailed investment case for you to browse. This gives you the freedom to choose which car you feel has the best potential for appreciation or appeals to you the most!

Sell - Each car is valued annually to keep investors up-to-date on their investments. Once the investment is held for two years every investor gets to vote whether they want to keep or sell the car, this is a majority vote. Every car is kept for a maximum of 5 years provided it is voted to be kept - giving shareholders complete control over their investments.


Giving You The Inside Track

The CarCrowd makes it possible to buy shares in high-value automobiles and invest into some of the worlds greatest and most iconic cars for a fraction of their overall value.

Classic cars as an asset have appreciated 193% in the last decade according to this knight frank report making it one of the best performing luxury asset classes.


Not Just Another Investment Platform

The CarCrowd are unlocking classic car potential with passion-based assets so you can truly invest in something you love.

This blog will play host to all the latest news in the automotive and financial worlds as well as everything going on at the CarCrowd.

So check back regularly for frequent updates or you can subscribe to our newsletter below to ensure you never miss a thing,

The CarCrowd Team.

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